China E-Business

How To Create Your Website To Compete With The Others In China E-Business

As we all know china is one of the places in the world where many brand cosmetics available day by day the requirement and cosmetics selling increases. In this world china holds second position in the cosmetics market. If one wants to sell your cosmetic product online in china there should be some factors to be followed to raise your business level as well as to gain popularity of the cosmetics websites. Around 30 percent of business selling done because of e-business, and let see what should be the entire factor to be considered for developing digital marketing?


Concentrate On Digital Marketing

 Initially to sell your cosmetics product creates a website Most of the Chinese don’t know English so it is highly recommended to create your website in Chinese language and choose a very good design for your website. For your product reach and advertisement it is highly recommended to have a brand ambassador whether your product is famous or not it is a best option to go for brand ambassador option for that you engage a KOL .KOL stands for Key opinion leader he/she should be familiar among the Chinese people in simple KOL person should be celebrity .As we all know if any celebrity used a product then we also use the product in crazy of the celebrity the same concept is applied here.

Once website is created with all good features in Chinese language it is almost fifty percent success for your product and creates a prompt for your websites in local search engines. But sad part is Google doesn’t exist in china so a local search engine named as baindu helps you to prompt your ad frequently in the local search engine. Post your website details in the mall site so that many can view your site. Cross border shopping is one of the trending businesses in china; to develop digital marketing people from other parts of the world can post their website details and even sell their products like amazon, eBay so that they increase the e-business value.

To communicate with the customer about the product leave the habit of using mail letter and  use the social medias which is available in china. wechat is one of the famous social media in china through that even you can transfer money most of the Chinese people do transaction through wechat.

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